USA (Central) Rainfall

I have analysed the annual rainfalls at thirteen stations in the central region of USA.  These are all long-term records with data from as far back as 1841 (Milwaukee) and all stations have data up to 2017.  These stations each have between 128 and 167 years of complete annual data.

The only data that I have been able to locate is that on the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) website.



The following are plots of the annual (Jan-Dec) rainfalls at each of the thirteen stations.   The red line is of the five-year average rainfall.


Duluth  1871-2017


Marquette  1872-2017


Huron  1882-2017


Milwaukee  1841-2017


North Platte  1875-2017


Des Moines  1877-2017


Dodge City  1874-2017


Oklahoma City 1891-2017


St Louis 1837-2017


Abilene 1886-2017


Shreveport  1872-2017


Galveston 1872-2017


Mobile 1841-2017




USA-Wide Analyses

This analysis of the rainfall at 13 locations in the central region of the USA has been repeated for the western region (9 locations) and the eastern region (7 locations):

Western Region:

Eastern Region:




  •  The thirteen selected stations are representative of the central region of the US.

  • The data availability is good with few periods of missing data.

  • All of the thirteen stations show a relatively constant trend over the past 150 years, although periodic droughts and wet periods are evident at all stations.

  • There is no evidence of abnormal rainfall trends during the past 20 years.



Please let me know what you think of my analyses.


The Author:

This article was written by Brian Gunter of Narooma, NSW, Australia. In his previous life Brian was an engineering hydrologist involved over many years in the analysis of rainfall and river flow data for the planning of water resources projects in Australia, Asia and Africa. In recent years he has been one of the Marine Rescue NSW (previously Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol) volunteer weather observers who operate the Narooma station for the Bureau of Meteorology.




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