World 20 Monthly Temperatures

This post refers to my analysis of recorded monthly mean temperature trends at 20 stations worldwide.  The stations were all with long records (many over 100 years) and located in rural areas or small towns.  The analysis used raw data (as recorded, without any adjustments) as published by KNMI (the Dutch Meteorological Institute) or BOM (the Australian Bureau of Meteorology). Polynomial curves of best fit were added to the plots.



A total of 257 stations worldwide were used in a larger analysis of annual mean temperatures, but the monthly analyses were limited to 20 representative stations. The 20 stations were not “cherry-picked”, but were selected based on their geographical location and the length and continuity of the data.


The monthly trends varied but were generally similar to the annual trends.  No alarming trends were found in the monthly analyses at the 20 locations.

Links to the monthly temperature analyses at the 20 stations are at:


I have analysed long-term annual mean temperature trends at 257 stations, worldwide.   The analyses at 50 representative stations are summarised in the blog post:   world-50-temperatures

Please let me know what you think of my analyses.


The Author:                                                                                                                                    

This article was written by Brian Gunter of Narooma, NSW, Australia. In his previous life Brian was an engineering hydrologist involved over many years in the analysis of rainfall and river flow data for the planning of water resources projects in Australia, Asia and Africa. In recent years he has been one of the Marine Rescue NSW (previously Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol) volunteer weather observers who operate the Narooma station for the Bureau of Meteorology.





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